Introduction to Africa Internet

Africa Internet Directory – BANNER – ADS or display advertisements (as they are known).

These banners are placed on Top – Middle – Bottom of our website. These banners use both text and image to attract visitors to your website.

Africa internet directory- Banner – Ads come in different sizes and shapes (rectangles, square – button, sky scrappers, leader boards, full banners, footer banners, vertical banners and so many others.)

Most commonly a website will have an  array of sizes and positions from which you choose to advertise on the web banners function the same way as display advertising. There are many aspects involved in web banner ads.

First it is important to understand the different kind of banner available in Africa internet directory. These standards are voluntary of course, but following these sizes recommendation is the one step in helping maximize your advertisement potential.

Animated Banners

The bannersuse small amount of animation of (image and text) to deliver their message on the internet. Their messages are saved as (.gif file) the creative contains a handful of flames that are linked to display on rotation basis there by creatin the sense of movement or animation.

Static of online display ads

Static banner ads are advertisements displayed as simple text based hyperlinks (also known as text ads). As their name may suggest (Text ads do not include graphic images or photos).

Flash banner ads

Online flash banners are one format of aimation ads, with smooth animation and special effects that attract the attention of the viewer. This is one of the main reason why flash banners result in higher clicks through rates (CTR) than other formats. Another reason as high that the animation created is of higher display quality from other web banner formats. 

Expandable ads increase in size when clicked. The expansion can vary greatly, from being a quarter of the screen to the entire monitor. They can be interactive, static images or videos. These ads allow more information to be offered without forcing the user to move away from their current website.

File Size and Formats

Banner ads are measured in pixel (width * height). The most common of files of banner ads are:  .jpg, .png, animated gif e.t.c.


Standard Banner

Ads (Width * Height)

  • Leader board
  • Full board
  • Half banner
  • Footer banner
  • Vertical banner
  • Billboard
  • Wide Sky-scrapper
  • Small square
  • 970 * 90 pixel
  • 468 * 60 pixel
  • 234 * 60 pixel
  • 728 * 60 pixel
  • 120 * 240
  • 970 * 250
  • 160 * 600
  • 250 * 250

Banner design services

Banner ad production

If you do not already have banners in our specialized sizes we can produce them for you for a one time fee & 50 USD. Our account executive will ask for your logos, photos, tagline and general messages of your banner ads of website. Please provide as much requested materialistic as possible.